The Plus Package

WIDE BROADCAST and multimedia as part of a Gold contract. Images 30 ensures a wide distribution on various media including Luxe TV, the ABC Luxe website for a cost of 3000 euros.

Double broadcast included

TELEVISUAL BROADCAST LUXE TV (303 million viewers worldwide in French and English).

INTERNET BROADCASTING ABC LUXE (newsletter to 38,000 “top” people in the luxury industry, including luxury managers, marketing directors, communication directors, etc.).

This with a delivery to the television channel, in French or English version, on the theme of the great dream destinations in the world, within the framework of the luxury tourism with its numerous annexed activities. This series DESTINATIONS DE RÊVE is written and directed by Joël Daguerre (author-director) who is a filmmaker, therefore used to sculpting light and working on shots.

The LUXE TV channel schedules for each video a multi-broadcast of 50 passages: they are broadcast during the week, after delivery, 24 times on the first chosen day and additional broadcasts the following weekend.

They are broadcast in English and French.

This is for a global audience estimated at 20.5 million households subscribing to the channel.

303 million homes worldwide have access to the linear version of LUXE TV and 97 million homes to the non-linear version. LUXE TV is also an internet broadcaster via its own website.

News reports

The high-end video reports are complemented by editorial reports (texts and photos) for the internet through the ABC LUXE website. The video report also appears in the newsletter. For each video program and web page, the ABC Luxe website has 60,000 readers per month, as well as 38,000 subscribers to the weekly newsletter.

The subscribers of the newsletter are mostly managers and decision makers in the field of luxury with CEOs, sales managers, marketing managers, communication managers… The reports remain on the ABC LUXE website for at least a year.

Made with quality

Each program is delivered in full HD, 1920 x 1080, or in 4k which is the maximum of the current definition, with a higher or equal quality and according to LUXE TV standards. The formal aspect corresponding to the universe of Luxury and LUXE TV is essential.