The Must Package

A photographic service can complete the set for the site. A cost of 900 euros with a choice of 40 selected and retouched photographs. The Canon 5D Mark 3 is our material used with a whole series of various focal lengths from wide angle to telephoto.

Special event in the hotel

The hotel can sell our service of shots with drone, within the framework of a wedding, a show, a garden party, a birthday, a particular event, a fashion show in the hotel, etc.

Hotel's website

CASE 1 : you don’t need to redo your site but you want to change the introduction on the home page, with a spectacular presentation, we are able to place a video that makes the minds or another technique like 3D images with animation (cost of 1000 euros). We can host these modifications to your site without disrupting everything.

CASE 2 : you want to completely modify your site with a spectacular welcome video as an introduction, we can make a specific video. And for a total redesign of your site, we can establish a precise estimate.