One evening in Paris, a young girl floats on the current of the Seine. She hesitates between living and dying. The officers of the river police try to save her. But the call of the abyss remains the strongest. The current carries her beyond the capital. On her way, between two waters, she sees natural landscapes and denatured cities passing by. She knows that she will reach eternity in the vastness of the sea.

Accompanied by fish with scales glistening under the stars, she drifts in clear water. On the third day, on her way, she meets a man called “The Great Wet One”, who ties a lead ingot to her ankle. He led her to the sands that filled the sea. She has finally arrived! She is soon surrounded by a phosphorescent people, naked and free. They invite her to undress, even she refuses, conscious that she can still go up to the surface, she wants to keep her modesty.

The beings that charm her are called “Ruisselants”. They wander in the deep waters, followed by domestic fish, which seem to regulate their existence, between the algae and the shells. She questions herself. Why did she throw herself into the water? It is then that another young girl appears. She is called La Naturelle. She tells her about her existence in the deep waters.