Olivia is a young and vivacious creature incarcerated for murder. She is condemned to be guillotined in an unspecified period of time where time seems to have frozen as if it were a fable. The singular prisoner has the peculiarity of having an arm amputated, which does not detract from her innate charm or charisma.

In her austere cell, pushed to the limit, Olivia strikes back at the man whose words ring in her ears like invectives. It is a priest: her confessor. Yet, while still young, he is very lenient towards her. Unconsciously, the priest is attracted by the one who is going to tell him the unbridled, non-chronological story of her state of mind, of her short existence: a rich and eventful life.

In a relative timelessness, flashback sequences alternate with the prison present. Only the periods corresponding to the heroine’s glory or insouciance are in color. All the others are in black and white. The two protagonists engage in a debate on the theme of God, faith and redemption, among others. Olivia is not a believer, but she wants to adhere to the ideals of the absolute and the sense of honor that she has not found here on earth. She writes tirelessly in the hope of obtaining a pardon…